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Most women want to feel how it is to be a famous fashion model or an actress and have thousands of admirers at least in their imagination. That is why I am sometimes asked to draw personalized glamorous gift illustrations. I am good in portraits drawing and that is why I can create some cool personalized gifts for women with a custom portrait. One of my recent commissions was a custom pin-up poster drawn from a photo.

Pin-up art is truly a symbol of glamor and female beauty admiration. Isn’t it cool to have your portrait drawn in a style which represents the roots of today’s fashion photography and classical female charm?
Here is the pin-up I have drawn with color pencils using a client’s photograph as a reference trying to imitate classical pin-up drawings adding a little of my drawing style. I hope it was a good gift.

Custom pin-up drawing by Igor Lukyanov

Personalized pin-up gift poster from a photo

If you want to know more, please, read more about this commission on my personal blog in the post dedicated to my personalized pin-up drawing assignment.


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