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A few months ago I was approached by a representative of Prophetik Showroom (www.prophetik.com) who asked me to create some fashion sketches based on photographs of fashion designs and concepts. He said they needed the drawings as inspiration pieces for the new season. What I saw on their photographs reminded me 19th century fashion with all those chic corsets and magnificent dresses.

Here are the sketches which I drew using Pentel brushes.


Fashion photos provided by Prophetik reminded me 19th century fashion in Europe

nineteenth century fashion

19th century dresses look amazing

19th century fashion inspiration


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In this blog post I want to show you stages of my fashion model drawing. This will give you idea about how I create my fashion illustrations as I know that a lot of people wonder how to draw a fashion illustration, how to build a figure, poses, and eventually how to put clothing on a drawn model. Of course, my example here below is not very informative but I hope it will be useful for many people who are interested in fashion art and illustrations. As a rule, I make fashion illustrations in five stages which are shown on pictures below, beginning from figure building and pencil sketching to a fully colored illustration. This is, however, a little bit scrupulous approach to creating illustrations, a lot of professional illustrators would draw the below illustrations “a la prima”, i.e. without preliminary figure building. But this post is definitely created not for professional illustrators, but rather for those who start learning how to draw a model with clothes on. I personally like studying such drawing schemes and stages made by other artists and illustrators. I consider them to be rather useful for training illustrating skills.

I am not a fashion designer as many people seem to think about me. I am illustrator and some fashion designers as well as fashion and style magazines use me to represent their fashion designs or not yet implemented concepts and ideas by means of illustrations which is an unusual, attention-catching and unhackneyed way to show fashion to the world.

In this post I deliberately do not use illustrations of super-duper fashion models in luxury dresses as it is a New Year’s night and I want to make something down-to-earth and bring in a little fun. I think glamorous maids will be good models here to demonstrate process of illustrating fashion by Igor Lukyanov as I am myself a down-to-earth person whose heard is open to all good people regardless of whether they are simple “maids” or well known super models (I am using metaphor here 😉 ).

I wish you, guys, Happy New Year!!! I hope you enjoyed this post and it will be a little pleasant gift for you. And, of course, I hope some of the visitors of my blog will become my clients in this New Year. Cheers!!!

fashion illustrations by Igor Lukyanov

Illustration Stages Pic. 1

fashion illustrations by Igor Lukyanov

Illustration Stages Pic. 2

fashion illustrations by Igor Lukyanov

Illustration Stages Pic. 3

fashion illustrations by Igor Lukyanov

Full Color Illustrations by Igor Lukyanov

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