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As you already know I am very much inspired with vintage woman fashion. I really love that peculiar elegance of retro clothing (especially European and American fashion of 1950s) which made a woman look so feminine even when disguising the most attractive parts of the female body. This classic and elegant look of a woman of the middle XX century will always be appreciated by me.

I had recently had another opportunity to create some vintage-looking fashion drawings when I was commissioned to draw 10 illustrations for vintage fashion inspired luggage tags. These custom suitcase labels depict traveling women wearing vintage clothing. What I especially love about these fashion drawings is that they portray common women, not models who deliberately demonstrate their apparel. These women are captured in real-life situations while traveling with their huge suitcases and travel bags. Their heavy bags make those young ladies look even more delicate and fragile. But in spite of traveling haste and difficulties they manage to remain super elegant, cute and pretty.

By the way, a lot of people wonder what drawing tool I use to create nice looking neat and accurate outlines for my fashion illustrations. Well, I love using a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen to outline my fashion figurines.

The vintage fashion inspired luggage tags were created for Split P Studio, LLC. and will be available for purchase soon.

Retro Fashion Inspired Luggage Tags

vintage looking fashion sketches

I used a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen to outline initial pencil sketches

vintage looking lady, retro fashion pic

I created retro looking drawings of ladies



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It’s an interesting fact that when I had started my independent career of an illustrator and artist and began building my fashion illustrations portfolio the first my clients were American magazines dedicated to African fashion and lifestyle.
I created a few illustrations for BHF Magazine promoting African fashion and lifestyle. This magazine helped me to discover the beauty of African women. No doubt, living in Ukraine I see a lot of beautiful women literally everywhere (this is what our country is famous for), but nevertheless it was nice to discover the exotic beauty of African women. The owner of BHF Magazine had shown me a lot of amazing pictures of African models and I was impressed with their outstanding charm and prettiness. I could not help but dedicating this blog post to my African fashion illustrations created for African fashion magazines. There are not a lot of them so far, but I believe I will get other orders for African fashion illustrations from BHF Magazine or similar fashion and lifestyle magazines. Anyway, I enjoyed drawing African models and their clothes because I love how their specific beauty matches African authentic national fashion designs, ornaments and accessories. And I love how editors of African fashion magazines like BHF Magazine and UZURI Magazine point out African spirit and folk individuality through fashion.

Here are my African fashion illustrations:

African fashion model illustration by Igor Lukyanov

African fashion illustration for BHF Magazine

African fashion illustration by Igor Lukyanov

Fashion illustration created exclusively for BHF Magazine

African fashion sketch by Igor Lukyanov

Another African fashion illustration for BHF Magazine

African fashion by Igor Lukyanov

Fashion logo created for UZURI Magazine

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