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As you already know I am very much inspired with vintage woman fashion. I really love that peculiar elegance of retro clothing (especially European and American fashion of 1950s) which made a woman look so feminine even when disguising the most attractive parts of the female body. This classic and elegant look of a woman of the middle XX century will always be appreciated by me.

I had recently had another opportunity to create some vintage-looking fashion drawings when I was commissioned to draw 10 illustrations for vintage fashion inspired luggage tags. These custom suitcase labels depict traveling women wearing vintage clothing. What I especially love about these fashion drawings is that they portray common women, not models who deliberately demonstrate their apparel. These women are captured in real-life situations while traveling with their huge suitcases and travel bags. Their heavy bags make those young ladies look even more delicate and fragile. But in spite of traveling haste and difficulties they manage to remain super elegant, cute and pretty.

By the way, a lot of people wonder what drawing tool I use to create nice looking neat and accurate outlines for my fashion illustrations. Well, I love using a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen to outline my fashion figurines.

The vintage fashion inspired luggage tags were created for Split P Studio, LLC. and will be available for purchase soon.

Retro Fashion Inspired Luggage Tags

vintage looking fashion sketches

I used a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen to outline initial pencil sketches

vintage looking lady, retro fashion pic

I created retro looking drawings of ladies



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You might already know that I am a passionate fan of the vintage fashion style (my post about a custom pin-up drawing is a proof of my love for a good old retro fashion). I have recently visited one of the blogs dedicated to the vintage fashion and particularly to retro clothing magazines. I was greatly inspired by pictures and illustrations from old “Vogue” magazines. I especially liked the fashion illustrations from 1950s issues of the magazine. They are really amazing! These vintage illustrations and pictures do not only show the first fashion trends which evolved into today’s popular clothing elements and styles but also reflect a genuine talent and outstanding work of fashion illustrators who had managed to create true artworks without using any fashion drawing software, computers, cameras and other sophisticated devices. I had been so much inspired with those retro fashion illustrations that I could not help but imitate fashion drawings of those vintage Vogue magazines. The above fashion illustrations are drawn with a pen and pencils to preserve old traditions of creating fashion illustrations and to pay a tribute to retro fashion illustrators and their wonderful works.

My imitation of vintage fashion illustrations

vintage retro fashion illustration

Vintage fashion models (1950s style)

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